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Buying a home could be the most important purchase of your lifetime. It’s easy for homeowners to make costly mistakes without the expert advice of a Realtor®, but few are familiar with the sensible questions to ask a Realtor® before hiring them to help. 

What are the questions to ask a potential Real Estate Agent that every homeowner should know about, and why are they relevant in the first place? Here’s how to ensure you hire the right Realtor® the first time before buying your next house. 

5 Questions To Ask a Realtor®

Don’t forget to ask these 5 questions when talking to potential Real Estate Agents. These questions will help you determine who you should work with during your home buying process. 

1. Are You a Part of the National Association of Realtors®?

The most important question you can ask your Real Estate Agent is whether they are a member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). Other questions to ask your Realtor® may relate to their personality or work history, but this first inquiry determines whether they abide by the high ethical standards needed to oversee such a huge transaction on your behalf. 

A member of the NAR will always enjoy exclusive use of the ® symbol compared to other, non-NAR affiliated Real Estate Agents who can’t make use of it. Determine whether your Realtor® is held to the highest standards by the NAR before reviewing the next questions to ask a Realtor® before hiring them. 

2. Do You Have Any Specialty Credentials?

You have unique real estate needs that your Realtor® must be able to take into consideration to properly serve you. Asking whether they have specialty credentials, such as whether they’re a General Accredited Appraiser or have the NAR’s Green Designation to signify knowledge of eco-friendly features, may help you determine if they’re the right Realtor® for you. 

Specialty credentials like the Green Designation illustrate the value that the NAR provides to Realtors® and consumers alike –– special designations will help you devise niche questions to ask a Realtor® which ensure they’re the right expert for your special situation. 

Looking to sell your house and don’t know what questions to ask a Realtor®? Whether they have the “Seller Representative Specialist” designation from the NAR could help you determine if they have experience producing optimal outcomes for those looking to sell. 

3. What is Your Process When Working With Homebuyers and/or Home Sellers?

It’s important to ask your Realtor® what their process is for working with buyers and sellers to see if it aligns with your needs. Some Realtors® may communicate with clients more than others. You will want to inquire about how much communication is expected and how involved you will be in the real estate transaction. 

How hands-on a Realtor® is in helping you through the process is something you need to know. If the Realtor® expects you to already know how the home buying process works and guides you minimally, you may want to find another Realtor®. Most Realtors® will assist you through prequalifying for a mortgage loan, recommend lenders, and more. 

4. How Many Transactions Do You Typically Work On Each Year? 

When devising a list of questions to ask a Realtor®, consider asking how many transactions they typically work on each year. Industry statistics indicate that the average Realtor® works on about 10 transactions each year. Working on fewer than 10 transactions a year may be a red flag, though you should always take broader market considerations and other factors into account before rushing to judgment.

A Realtor® who has failed to work on the average number of transactions may simply be grappling with lackluster economic conditions that have impacted the entire industry. Others may be focused on specialty areas and only have limited time to close on residential sales. The important thing to remember when devising questions to ask a Realtor® is whether their answers are transparent, logical, and make your eventual hiring decision easier. 

5. Do They Have References or Reviews You Can See? 

This is one of the most common questions to ask a Realtor® that some homeowners still ignore at their own risk. Calling up a reference and having an honest conversation with them about their real estate experience can help you determine if this Realtor® is the right choice for you. Alternatively, online reviews may illustrate that the Real Estate Agent you’re considering has a history of excellence and should be hired as quickly as possible. 

Online reviews offered on platforms like Google cannot be edited or erased by angry business owners. This means that honest reviews of lackluster Realtors® cannot easily be hidden from public view. Carefully consider all the reviews at your disposal before making a hiring choice. If something you read in a review causes you concern, add it to the list of questions to ask a Realtor® that you’ve been assembling. 

With these questions in hand, you’re prepared to quiz your prospective Realtor® before buying the home of your dreams. 

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