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Buying a home in North Carolina may be the most important financial decision you ever make. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for prospective homeowners to make small mistakes during the North Carolina home buying process that could end up costing huge sums of money in the long run. 

Aspiring homeowners who don’t know how to buy a house in North Carolina can follow these six simple steps to ensure they end up living in the home of their dreams.

6 Steps To Buying a Home in North Carolina

North Carolina is a great place to buy a home, but you’ll want to be prepared to avoid any costly mistakes. I’ve simplified the North Carolina home buying process down to six steps you should follow.

1. Identify The Best Locations in North Carolina

The first step in the North Carolina home buying process is determining where in the state you want to live. There are countless neighborhoods in the Tar Heel State that are calling your name, whether you want to live in a cozy coastal cottage or reside inland. 

Some of the best neighborhoods in Raleigh, such as Wakefield and Five Points, are particularly attractive for families with young children. Those looking for a vibrant arts scene may prefer to be nestled in Asheville, where the Blue Ridge Mountains offer breathtaking views. Remember to consider logistical questions like how far you may have to travel to work when identifying the best location for your future home. 

It’s also worthwhile to ask whether you want to live in a more secluded area or seek to be a part of a thriving downtown community. Determining your preferred density will help you rule out certain cities or neighborhoods early on. 

2. Determine What Size Your Dream Home Should Be 

You can’t tackle the nitty gritty details of financing your future home without first determining what size house and how many rooms you’re looking for. Do you need a cozy two-bedroom starter house? Or perhaps you’re looking for an expansive floor plan with plentiful square footage for your grandkids to roam around. 

Also, consider whether you’re willing to splurge for a two-floor home, or whether a one story ranch house is perfect for your situation. Only then can you consider the next step in the North Carolina home buying process. 

3. Decide Which Amenities Are The Most Important

There are countless amenities to pick and choose from when buying a home in North Carolina. You may decide that you want to purchase a home with a pool, for instance, or that an expansive backyard is needed for outside play and recreation. 

Sometimes you may simply need to narrow your choices down to homes with big enough garages to store your boat or offroading equipment. Identifying homes with unfinished basements may help you cut back on the overall costs of your purchase, too. Compose a list of those amenities which are essential and which others you could afford to live without before proceeding to the next step. 

4. Secure A Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter 

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is one of the most critical elements of the North Carolina home buying process. Prospective buyers who don’t have a pre-approval letter from a certified lender will find that buying a home in North Carolina (or anywhere else) is nearly impossible without a lender’s support. 

Your total income, annual expenses, credit history, and other assets will all be taken into consideration. Those who don’t know how to buy a house in North Carolina often believe this process is incredibly complicated, but gainfully employed professionals with decent credit histories will find the pre-approval process is simply a preliminary evaluation that’s quite manageable. 

5. Hire A Skilled Realtor®

Buying a home in North Carolina is far easier with the help of a skilled Realtor®. These Real Estate professionals must undergo comprehensive ethical training to ensure the prospective homeowners they work with always secure the best deal possible. These Realtors® will walk you through the home inspection process and can help you avoid common mistakes like lackluster initial purchasing offers that may doom negotiations before they truly begin. 

As admitted members of the National Association of Realtors®, your Realtor® will help you make a competitive offer that draws the attention of the current homeowners. They can teach you how to buy a house in North Carolina by leveraging their expertise that can’t be replicated with limited online research. 

6. Submit Your Purchase Offer 

Having finally covered your financial bases, you can submit your purchase offer with the help of your Realtor® and begin negotiating specific terms with the seller. Trust your Realtor® to steer you through most of this process with their expertise, but never be afraid to ask questions. Prospective homeowners should also be hands-on during the inspection process after their offer has been accepted by the seller. 

Buying a home in North Carolina begins with asking simple questions about your preferences and ends with the closing of a contract with the help of your Realtor®. Remain engaged throughout the entire North Carolina home buying process to get the best possible deal, and soon enough the Tar Heel state will be your new beloved home. 

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